Garden Apartment near
Botanical Park

137 m2, Prague

The Process
"Gardens say something about how we see ourselves in the world; they are applied anthropology"

The Garden Apartment sits in a 17th century historical house next door to the Botanical park in the heart of Prague. Our approach was to reinterpret its classical heritage and traditional "house and garden" inspiration with a sensitive and contemporary vocabulary.
  • Location
    New Town, Prague
  • Area
    137 m2
  • Year
  • Description
    2 Bedrooms / 3 Baths / Kitchen / Living
Armitage Studio has created a home filled with outlandish floral patterns, soft colours and some decorative element inspired by Japanese gardens.
A wide variety of fabrics in different green shades have been combined in this room, tied together with dark wooden beams.
Although less frenetically patterned and coloured than the rest of the apartment, the kitchen has a solid wall with flower shaped tails that picks up a botanical theme of the project.
Cafe Kramarovy Brothers - Interior Design in Karlovy Vary
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