Interior design studio Prague, focused on creating truly expressive interiors

In our designs we not only use existing colour schemes and stylistic solutions to perfectly create designs which are trendy and popular in order to give you a unique outcome. With each project, we take a well calculated risk in order to move the project a step further by making it from zero, creating a pure sketch to unleash your imagination.


We believe that as with any good invention or any work created by a composer, writer or artist - it can’t be repeated. When it’s accomplished it starts to breath and it begins to have it’s own new life and identity which is different and unique. Just like that, the unique interiors harmoniously reflect both the personality of their owners and the genius "loca", connecting temporal contexts and setting the right perspective for life.

Something which can be called the perfect match or Spaces With Soul.


The first stage of the project is preparation, where we work extensively on identifying the individual style of the interior for the specific client, creating a general concept according to the tasks that this interior should respond to.

At the time of budget approval we always consider the cost of the property and its profitability after investment into the interior, relying on the analysis of the current trends on the real estate market.

According to the above, we present the optimal minimum and maximum budget for the project, allowing the client to make an informed choice.

During the whole implementation process we perform direct supervision both when working with our construction partners, and in the case when work is executed by our clients own construction company. In addition to selecting furniture, large decorative objects and textiles that are part of the interior we also provide recommendations for the selection of accessories and gadgets.

At the time of the completion of the project, a photography and video shoot of the interior is carried out, which can later be used by the client for advertising purposes or for prospective sale or lease in the future.


The main fields of the Armitage studio are: reconstruction of historical objects, design of residential and commercial premises and preparation of investment apartments and business premises, which includes a photo / video presentation and a financial forecast of the project.

We seize each new opportunity and challenge with immeasurable energy and enthusiasm
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