quick transformation projects without major construction works


Interior design makeovers – Revamped a 75 sq m apartment in just 3 weeks, transforming the style and ambiance by seamlessly blending the client’s personal antiques with contemporary furniture to create a cozy interior.

Project highlights: concept analysis, visual concept development, construction works: wall painting, partial furnishing (including textiles and antiques), and fireplace installation.

Total cost breakdown: 75,000 CZK for the design project, with overall expenses reaching 850,000 CZK, covering materials, construction, furniture, art, and antiques.

  • Location
    Andel, Prague
  • Area
    168 m2
  • Year
  • Description
    1 Bedrooms / 2 Baths / Kitchen / Living
The mixture of old and new, clean modern lines and antique objects along with fireplace was the key to successful design in this project.
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Complete make over of one bedroom apartment in central area of Prague Vinohrady from old fashion looking to a modern and light.
A complete refurbishment of 56 sq m, 2+1 apartment cost including construction costs and designers fee is 450,000 CZK.
This project obtained redesign and restyling of the whole apartment. That involved changing kitchen facades, but keeping the original kitchen, some pieces of new furniture and décor with new textiles and wallpapers.

Before / After